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Board of Directors

Who Are We

We believe in the Second Amendment and its purpose to protect individuals, their families, and property from tyranny in every form. We know this to be an inalienable right and guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States of America. Our focus is to make sure individuals are educated, informed, and able to make a difference in protecting the Second Amendment from the onslaught of attacks to limit and dissolve it. We pledge to be forthright, transparent, and effective in our means of ensuring the preservation of this right.

Bryan Stuntebeck

Meet Bryan

Bryan Stuntebeck

Vice President of Business Development
Crow Shooting Supply – Montezuma, IA

Bryan Stuntebeck is the Vice President of Business Development for Crow Shooting Supply, an Iowa-based wholesale distributor of firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories. Under his leadership, Crow Shooting Supply has grown nearly 10-fold and has become one of the nation’s preeminent sporting goods wholesalers.

Mr. Stuntebeck’s collegiate and professional life has been focused on furthering issues related to the Second Amendment and the great legacy of shooting sports in America.

A graduate of Lindenwood University, holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration, Stuntebeck competed on Lindenwood’s famed shotgun sports team winning five straight National Collegiate Titles (2004-2008).

Bryan remains a devout upland, Whitetail and Western big-game hunter. He, his wife Chandra, and their bird dogs Sadie and Stella reside in rural Montezuma, Iowa.

Nathan Dudney

Meet Nathan

Nathan Dudney

Born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in a competitive shooting household, began working in the firearms and munitions industry after receiving a degree in Psychology and Military Science from the University of Mississippi. Nathan has spent ten years working with manufacturers across a variety of roles including product management, sales and marketing, program management, manufacturing and business management. Over the past five years, Nathan has been focused on OEM business to business manufacturing, servicing and making products for some of the largest munitions and firearms companies in the United States. Nathan is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist.

Colby Coombs

Meet Colby

Colby Coombs

Colby is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked in a myriad of industries. He has a passion for business and has been starting, growing, and building businesses since 2007. He began his career developing numerous Healthcare related businesses which led him into real estate development and building various other operating companies including Amend2 and Techna Clip.

In 2018 Colby founded and is the principal of a small private equity group based in Idaho with numerous projects in the western United States. In connection to other companies his private equity group is a part of, he wears the hat of principal, CEO, founder, and is a member of several boards of directors.

Colby attended Brigham Young University Idaho where he worked on his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Whenever he has spare time you’ll find him coaching his kid's sports teams, serving people in his community, fishing, hunting, or recreating with his family and friends.

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